If you’re looking for the best kids clothes and resort wear, you’ve come to the right place. From sassy reversible jumpsuits to picture-worthy dresses, Bali.Bebe collections combine high-end children’s fashion with functional kid’s clothes.

Alongside the oldest clothes crafting traditions, we introduce our collection to the world.

Inspired by little explorer Teo, crafted by mama, sourced and perfected by oldest fabric and dying craftsmanship, and now shared with you.

With bold colors, tropics-inspired designs, and natural fabrics, we celebrate beginnings, new adventures and the magical world around us!

Our mission

♥  Let little explorers to enjoy their freedom.
♥  Turn parents’ daily routine into a happy journey.
♥  Bridge kids and parents to create the ultimate childhood adventure together!


Why resortwear?

Bali.Bebe resortwear is a reflection of the lifestyle of its founders Ksenia and her son Teo. Teo was born and raised on a tropical island. Being out and about in extremely hot and humid weather Ksenia learnt how to properly dress up the little one.

And now she shares this knowledge through creating conscious kids resort wear brand in the heart of Bali, Indonesia.

Our clothing lines are for those planning a vacation to the destinations where the sun is daily and the temperature is high; where it’s essential to be aware that children easily get sweaty and can overheat. 

We take the guesswork out of your holiday prep to-do list and stand for the best tropical kids fashion - light, breathable, and comfortable resort apparel.  

We bring smart minimalistic designs - you will not find flashy logos or unnecessary details on any of our clothing lines. Our fabrics are thin, light, and breathable. To top it up, we create the patterns that look neat even after “pasta pomodoro” situation.

Our kids’ resort wear is specifically designed for your peaceful holiday, hot tropical weather and happy outdoor lifestyle.


Jumpsuits for hot weather  

The great thing about warm weather and holidays is having fun! We care for parents just as much as for little travelers thus we started Bali.Bebe with the famous jumpsuit. It served our little customers, their mamas, and papas incredibly well.

So what is so good about jumpsuit?

  • The jumpsuit is single-piece apparel thus it eliminates the headache of clothing mix and match, and packing them all in your suitcase.
  • They look casual yet fancy, so expect that your kid is going to receive cheerful looks while wearing our jumpsuits, especially Reversible jumpsuit.  
  • Jumpsuits are loose and impose no ribbon pressure on a little belly.
  • Single-piece resort wear prevents getting piles of sand in the pants. 
  • It offers easy toilet training for little boys as it only takes a second to open the lower button. Some of our 2 years old customers do it themselves. 
  • The intention behind the jumpsuit was to let kids feel free and move easily, yet feel fresh soft and comfy whichever collection they wear. 

Besides our beloved jumpsuits we introduce all types of kid’s clothes that do not interfere, distract or limit the movement of children in the hot weather. At Bali.Bebe, you will find all the resortwear essentials: dresses, t-shirts, pants, shorts, and jumpsuits. 

After all, our kids have an important mission to pursue – just be themselves by exploring, playing, and having fun.


Fabric for hot climate

As a general rule, the best fabrics to wear in the warm weather are made from natural fibers such as Cotton. Young skin is so gentle that it can easily develop skin reactions due to wearing non-natural fabrics in hot and humid climate. Cotton fabric breathes and lets the air flow, keeping children cooler. At Bali.Bebe, we will meet you where you are with a variety of high quality Cotton that is light, breathable, thin to extremely thin, and less prone to any possible allergic reaction. 

We walked the extra mile and developed a purely Organic Collection of Bali.Bebe. It gives relief to parents who have children with hyper-sensitive and hyper-allergic skin.

♥  We are sure enough to state that there is nothing on the market more skin-friendly than our Organic Collection♥ 

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