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Ordering and Shipping

What forms of payment do you accept? 
We currently accept credit and cards as well as direct bank transfers for Indonesia.
If none of these works for you, we can provide Wise details for easy international transfers. Please feel free to reach out.

How much does the shipping cost and how long does it take?
For delivery costs and times to your destination country, please check Shipping policy.


Returns and Refunds

We encourage you to carefully read Return policy and to make sure all the items are eligible for return to avoid disappointment.

What is your return policy?
We believe in our products and stand by their quality. But we aren’t happy unless you and your little one aren’t happy. If you have changed your mind for whatever reason, we can accept returns for an exchange or refund.

What if I received a damaged item?
Every piece is quality checked, but in the unlikely case of a fault, Bali.Bebe will accept returns and exchanges.

How do I return an item?
If you wish to return an item, please notify us at and we will help you through the process.


Product details

How do I choose the right size?
We are following European sizing.
Please, visit Sizing page to see all size options. 

What are the care instructions?
We believe that only natural things should touch the baby skin. The way you are taking care of Bali.Bebe clothes is the way you care for your child - gently and consciously. Therefore, to keep the clothing chemical-free, we suggest using a natural laundry soap or eco-friendly detergent. Regular detergent would work too but do you really want chemicals to touch your baby's skin?

Read more: Care instructions 

What fabrics and materials are used for Bali.Bebe jumpsuits?
Our favourite fabric is organic cotton (has GOTS certificate) and its mix with hemp (which uses least resources to grow and needs no pesticides). Occasionally we use other materials, still we make sure they are of great quality and safe for your little ones. Did we mention that our garments are also comfortable, breathable, and silky-smooth?

What is the difference between organic and regular cotton?
Regular cotton farming starts with genetically modified seeds and the use of pesticides. Organic cotton is grown from natural seeds, and there is no use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals.

The purity of cotton fibers is judged due to the way the cotton is picked. Regular cotton is usually machine-picked and may contain leaves and pieces of wood. Organic cotton is completely handpicked.

Processing of regular cotton uses a large amount of chemicals including chlorine and heavy metals. Even after washing the finished products, the residue of these chemicals remains and can cause skin allergies. Organic cotton uses safer alternatives like water-based dyes, and peroxide for whitening.

Organic cotton is softer, hypoallergenic and long lasting. It also protects the ecosystem, reduces wastage of water, and ensures a safer working environment for the farmers and manufacturers. Organic cotton is a sustainable and eco-friendly option to a regular cotton.

By using organic cotton, you make a positive impact on the health of your child and the planet.


Have a question for us? 

Bali.Bebe Customer Happiness Team is here for your assistance. Do not hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.


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